Laksa Sarawak

The picture you see is Sarawak Laksa. When it comes to laksa, it’s all about personal preferences. Some like the laksa sold at a stall while some do not. However, if you see a majority of the crowd flocking to a laksa stall, chances are that the laksa is good, regardless of some dislikes by the minorities. How else would you explain the crowd?

Sarawak laksa tastes nothing like curry laksa. Yes, it’s spicy and a bit curry in taste but there is a special blend of belacan and prawn taste which is not too strong. These mild tastes blend perfectly together with the curry taste and exudes a delicious aroma tempting you to taste it. In my case, I normally, no, make that, ALWAYS down the soup to the very last drop. That is how much I like the Sarawak Laksa.

The mee itself comes in a variety of either bee hoon or the yellow mee or a mixture of both. Of course, you can always get creative and try other types of mee but, I do not warrant the same taste for your creativity.

Any, and I mean ANY Sarawak laksa will never ever be complete without prawns. It’s an essential part of the dish. Chicken meat is also a must. Take that with the laksa soup and you would not be talking at that moment if I spoke to you. Take the prawns with the supplemented belachan and you go MAMAMIA…

Some stalls even top the laksa up with a few slices of fried egg, which I personally like. Nowadays however, not many stalls have it anymore. To sum the whole dish up, chinese parsley or Coriander leaves are sprinkled on top (I prefer the latter) and walla, you have the Sarawak laksa!

How you eat laksa? Simple! Take the lime that comes with it, squeeze the juice and mix it with the laksa soup. Use as much lime as you need to get the sour taste to your liking. Stir well and eat!

Oh man, I am so so hungry now. I have to get someone to bring me around to get Sarawak laksa in KL

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